Cloud Hosting with vBulletin

vBulletin is a powerful software tool that is designed for personal web developers to create and manage their own forums site. The program itself is built off PHP scripting language along with incorporating MySQL database technology into its architectural framework. It provides a simple and effective solution to creating a forum database with an array of tools to simplify the process for all users.

vBulletin is often featured in bundles by web hosting companies, who offer cloud hosting  as a service. The program’s numerous features include its content management system, which allows users to compose their own unique material and content. It also provides users with the ability to cross-promote in-between the sites various locations, including blogs and articles. Its asset manager provides a storage space for all your media content, such as images, audio and video files. While vBulletin’s administrative tools offer users the option of allocating specialized access to other users, depending on how they wish other users to contribute to their site, whether it is through design, maintenance or providing content.

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