The Basics to Opening Your Own Reseller Hosting Service

When you finally decide to get into the world of reseller hosting , there are many things that you have to do initially.  First, you need to choose the platform you want to use.  Therefore, you need to choose between Linux, Windows and Mac.  Mac is less used and Linux is cheaper than Windows because Windows requires licensing and Linux is open-sourced.  The control panel is the next consideration.  There are many that are popular so look into each one first.

Next, you need to choose a comprehensive web host.  It is one of the key decisions that you will make because your success will depend on the quality of your host.  Then, after you get that decision out of the way, you need to determine your hosting plans and prices.  You want your pricing to be competitive with others.  Therefore, make sure you do your homework.  Thereafter, you need to develop a business website, make it e-commerce ready, set up customer service and billing as well as hundreds of other things that come with having your own business.

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